Sam Sykes™ - CEO & Founder - Sam Sykes™

Sam Sykes

CEO & Founder

Sam Sykes™, the founder, has been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award from the moment he was born.

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Victoria Sewell

Office Manager

The difference her role and actions made is why we are one of the leading expedition and development companies in the world.

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Dougie Walker - Expedition Manager - Sam Sykes™

Dougie Walker

Expedition Manager

Kristine Cruse

Expedition Manager
Kristine Cruse - Expedition Manager - Sam Sykes™
John Martin - Expedition Manager - Sam Sykes™

John Martin

Expedition Manager

Duty Managers

Our duty managers have overall responsibility for certain courses. When your course is developed you will be introduced to your duty manager as the main point of contact.

The duty manager will oversee the professional delivery of your course and be available at all times for any changes to the plan or emergency situation.

Course Directors

Course directors are responsible for the effective delivery of your course as it happens – on the ground. A course director may be one of the instructional staff working with a group, or be ‘floating’ on larger programmes where they can be more effective in dealing with the day to day challenges of your dynamic course.

All course directors are senior members of our instructional team with years of experience and judgement from which you can feel assured and relaxed.

Contracted Instructors

Our contracted instructors do the lions share of delivery when it comes to our courses. These exceptional people will have been selected by Ian and Sam to be highly qualified, professional, cool under pressure and most of all inspirational ambassadors of Sam Sykes™.

Our contracted instructors have very high levels of qualifications, soft skills and experience to be part of the core Sam Sykes™ team. In addition to our rigorous requirements many of them will have pushed adventure at the highest levels and in some cases be sponsored athletes in their sport.

Freelance Instructors

Our freelance instructors work with us on a much more flexible basis than our contracted instructors but will still go through the same rigorous selection process with Ian before they deliver any of our courses.

Like all of our staff they are chosen on the merits of their capability, experience and professionalism to be offered a place on the Sam Sykes™ team.

Technical Advisors

We have a number of technical advisors with whom we develop our operating procedures and risk assessments. One of our main advisors is Phillip Poole IFMGA mountain guide who has decades of experience operating at the highest levels in our sector.

Our perpetual drive to ensure the Sam Sykes™ systems continue to set the benchmark, means that we constantly review our approach and research current advice whenever possible. All of this hard work means that our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that Sam Sykes™ has it covered.

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